Fractal Music Machine

Fractal means broken: geometry broken out of its bounds. Beautiful broken math music.

Fractal Music Machine

Fractal Music Machine is an ongoing experiment in fractal music by Erika Nesse, a Boston based musician and software developer.


About Fractal Music

Fractal music is based on the notion of self-similarity, of making smaller things the same as larger things on many scales in order to obtain an ordered complexity.

Detailed explanation here.

fractal dragon

The Music

I have two albums out of purely fractal music: Let My Machine Talk to Me (2016) and What the Machine Replied (2015). On these albums each track is a single whole fractal, created with fractal software and minimal postprocessing.

There is also a frequently updated playlist of fractal music experiments on soundcloud: Fractal Music.

My youtube channel has several fractal music videos.

album cover

The Code

The C# source code for the GUI version of Fractal Music Machine is available open source on github. If you want a downloadable version to alpha test, contact me.

A simplified command line version in Python called "weaving beats" is also available here.